PCID Implementation

Has anyone here successfully implemented the PCID functionality out of the box for E10.1? We are about to head in that direction but I’ve been hearing grumblings that it doesn’t work. How much truth is there to this?
Anything to watch out for, or known issues?


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Just starting to test on our end Jose. Will let you know what we find out!

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Thanks Mark! , we are on the same boat I’ll share what we find too! I am hoping we are not heading out on the Titanic LoL


We are interested as well. From what I understand PCID only works for outbound stuff and the inbound functionality happens in 10.2.

I notice a couple of threads on this (The second is mine):

Just wondering how you guys went and if you setup/use PCID?
Frustratingly difficult to get good information on how this is setup and works. The user guide isn’t really clear and I suspect is waiting for the whole functionality to be complete before they finish off the information.

Still waiting…

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