PCID/Same part Multiple Orders


We are using the Reserve/Release For Picking feature of the Fulfillment Workbench. We are processing the generated Material Move Requests, picking parts into a unique PCID for each shipping container.

If we pick a quantity of a part into a PCID for one order, and then pick a different quantity of the SAME part into the SAME PCID for a different order, I noticed something I didn’t expect.

If I go into Package Control ID Maintenance, pull up the PCID, and go to ‘Items’ → ‘List’ I only see ONE line for said part. It lists the TOTAL quantity, and in the Order/Line/Release and Customer PO columns only display the FIRST Order/PO, it is not broken down by each order.

Is there a setting I’m missing here?

Did you find a resolution to this issue?

I am experiencing the same thing and also noticing that when that PCID ships, the PCID still shows busy and the items that had the same part from multiple orders still show in the PCID (despite already having shipped). The PCID then remains in the BUSY status and the next time we try to use that PCID, it gives an error that it is busy.



There is no resolution. It is a known issue that has persisted all the way to 11.1.100

Problem # PRB0232880