Performance Impact using multiple company structure

In response to your #1 point, you can get Balance Sheets by Division. It is one of the Selection criteria in the Financial Report Designer. Generally, the decision point for one company and multiple divisions versus multiple companies is... how are the individual entities taxed. In the US, if an entity has a tax ID and reports taxes under that number regardless of the number of sites/plants, then it is one company. Does that make sense?

Claudia Stone
Aspacia Systems Inc

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We are in the process of implementing vantage in Dubai are trying to
decide on the company structure to be used in Vantage 8.03. The
company legal structure consists of 1 parent group company with 10
different child companies that are all separate legal entities (LLC).
However, if you actually look at the way our company operates, we
operate as 1 company with 10 different divisions that are profit and
loss centers. The problem we are facing is as follows:

1. If we setup the ERP as 1 company with 10 divisions, we cannot get a
balance sheet per division for legal purposes. Accordingly, we are
being forced to setup the ERP as 1 group with 10 companies under it.
Is there any other way to implement this better in order to get the
balance sheet for each of the 10 legal entities?

2. Should we be worried about any short long term impacts on the
performance of the software if we setup 10 different companies in the
group? Are we going in any wrong direction with setting up 10
different companies in the ERP?

3. What other things may become problems if we setup the ERP with 10
different companies (lack of reports, ease of use, etc?)

I would very much appreciate your comments on this subject as this is
a very important decision for us.