Periodic email reports based on a BAQ


We tend to create periodic automated email reports that go out, so people have less hoops to jump through to see data we expect them to be periodically reviewing. I’m wondering what solutions Epicor offers to address this type of a problem. What do you all use and could recommend(preferably that doesn’t require we buy additional modules)?

Currently we write a BAQ to get the data needed, then consume it via REST APIs into a scripting language that formats and massages the data as needed, and sends the email with a cron job for scheduling. My gut tells me that we may be reinventing the wheel and Epicor already has a solution for this type of thing. It works well but it’s a home grown simple solution that could use some improvement(refactor common code, adding better logging, and monitoring), and before I spend time on improving it wanted to see what Epicor offers or any other solutions others use.

Make a report based on the BAQ and put it on a recurring schedule for emailing to designated users.

An example shown below.

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