Permanently Pin Field Help Open & Set Column Width

Is there any way for a user to permanently pin field help open for all windows, and set column width?

If not, would that be a popular enhancement? I could see it being used by Dev’s daily, and most users when they are new and learning Epicor.

I’d wager that 20 times a day I have to do it as I’m troubleshooting or developing. Multiply that out by the customer-base, and it’s a lot of time that could be saved with an option under the user preferences.

  1. Click on Help
  2. Click on Field Help
  3. Click on the Pin before it disappears on you
  4. Click on Technical Details
  5. Click and Drag the left column’s right edge about 30 pixels so I can see the field name box fully.
  6. Click and Drag the left column’s top edge up about 100 pixels to see most of field help tech details…
    …And repeat on every module I’m using/learning.

It’d be nice if I memorized all my tables and fields… :wink:

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Make changes to UI like column widths, column order, pins etc then do save layout, then open customization, change at least one value then save customization

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Hi Chris,

I think I’m missing a step somewhere… Would this be a form-by-form customization?

I opened Method Directives, pinned left column open, opened field help, opened tech details, resized the left column (not a list view column), and then selected Options>Save Layouts. The field help column still autohides.

I closed Method Directives, turned on developer mode, and opened it up, then selected my personalization, but nothing was pinned open. I then went to Tools>Customization, got an error (I’m guessing related to not having any customizations for Method Directives, so I saved one), and see epiTreeViewPanel1.

When I resize the horizontal bar so Field Help has more room, the vertical size adjusts in the customization window, but it defaults to full 100% when I re-open it. It also doesn’t seem to attach field help and tech details, which requires opening it every time.

What step did I miss?

Getting there. Thanks for the help!



Oh, i dont guess we have the same ability to do this here since that screen is not customizable.

I created an ‘Ideas’ for this, if it’d be useful for us developers (and new users!):

As a developer, I need to open field help’s technical details on nearly every window I open. If Epicor can add a default to the User Account Security Maintenance that will always open windows with the field help shown, it’d replace several clicks no every window. Or to have the left column state saved with Tools > Save Layouts.

Current steps to open Technical Details:

  1. Help, wait for the menu to open
  2. Field Help, (usually after it auto-hides)
  3. Click on Field Help on the left edge to re-open
  4. Pin it
  5. Click on Technical Details
  6. Grab the column bar to widen it (since it it clips the EpiBinding text box)
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