Personalizations are causing issues with Order Entry

We use Shortcut keys in a lot of our departments. Since migrating to E10 we have noticed odd behavior with personalization’s. Sometimes they cause the screens to be viewed differently or you can’t see things.
Currently we have two users that will encounter changes in what they can see in Order Entry if we set shortcut keys. If I delete the personalization from the customization their view returns to normal.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, is there a fix?
We’ve contacted support and they can’t seem to figure out why this occurring.

Personalizations have always been a pain specially if they are migrated or of customizations are applied. There isn’t a fix that I know of except delete and re-create the personalization. But is likely to occur again when the form is re-customized.
It could also be a caching issue I’d try clearing the cache first.

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We did clear the cache. Even deleted the client file that is generated each time Epicor is opened.
Deleted the personalizations.
Uninstalled and reinstalled Epicor.
Expired and cleared the password.
Oddly enough, this user can work from another workstation and not experience the issue at all. SO I don’t think it has to do with the users personalizations. There has to be a file somewhere that is causing this workstation to behave in this manner.