Perspective on Perspectives

FWIW, here is my summary:

Sonoma: heavy push, major changes (including the name), beta testers should
apply, kiss your report builder goodbye, Epicor already mentions Sonoma II.
Vantage: will be supported as long as you continue to pay maintenance fees,
NT support will stop when M$ stops supporting
Linux: was really downplayed (I guess since M$ sponsored Perspectives),
according to Epicor the only benefit over M$ was license and seat fees.
Keynote speaker: Joe Pesci look-and-sound-alike was able to divide the world
in 4 categories. Funny, though.
George Klaus/John Hiroaka: both positive about the future, and about EPIC in
the NASDAQ. Future developments will give clients a better chance while
"Playing to Win" with their businesses.
Party: Same band as last years, thank goodness. Epicor's CFO plays a wicked
good version of Sweet Home Alabama on electric guitar. Good food, looong
lines, which resulted in shorter lines for the bars, thank goodness again.
Vegas: Hey, what can you say? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Which
is really a good thing.

Discuss amongst yourselves...