Perspectives 2006

For those who know for certain they will be attending Perspectives in October you can pre-register before July 1 and receive a choice of three "gifts". $10 iTunes Download or $10 Starbucks card or a golf visor. Pre-registering also has some benefits in terms of 1st priority on labs, holding the early bird registration rate (not sure what this means but I am assuming I can complete registration as late as I want with early rate locked in) and also the pre-registration is refundable up to July 1 incase something happens in the next two weeks. The pre-registration costs $100 (to be deducted from rest of registration total later).

So if attending is 100% for you it might be worthwhile to pre-register in the next couple weeks.

For those who are less than certain or need ammo for use on their boss....the site has some fairly good ROI info and a sample request memo (fill in the blanks) to use. In a worst case situation (where cost is everything) there are cheaper alternatives in Las Vegas than Caesars Palace when you calculate the cost side of the ROI. Like $50 for taxi to/from hotel which is ridiculous even with tip and shuttle buses are far less. Staying at Caesars is very convenient and highly recommended but if it were a case of attending versus not...there are are cheaper hotels near there. And $150 for meals is high...if you go on Sunday and leave on Wednesday afternoon you can easily get by with only two meals....and a $4.95 steak dinner is still available in Las Vegas if you know where to look.

Also I believe EUG membership still gets a registration discount that is about equal to the cost of EUG membership dues.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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