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I have a fairly extensive "Favorites" folder of links to useful info for Las Vegas. Whether this is a first LV visit or you just need some current info about favorite places they might be worth checking out for transportation options, planning shows, restaurants or sights to see outside of conference hours. I'm sending a small portion of the links now, a few weeks ahead, to allow time to search, digest and print for later reference. I would be happy to "try" to answer specific questions off-list: <mailto:caugheyt@...> caugheyt@...

-Todd C.

A TON of info including hotel, restaurant and show reviews:

Funny (yet strangely accurate) hotel/restaurant/casino reviews:
*** Check out "The Western" hotel downtown - then read about their stay there and compare to Caesars for a chuckle or two

Another resource site (probably the best one of all if you are a member):
<> (note - there is a free forum area for asking questions)

Insider Tips:

Las Vegas Monorail Info (runs from MGM to Sahara hotels via LV Hilton - rest of Strip at each end is walkable)
<> (Note: Best deal for two people...share a $20 ten ride pass)

Free Shuttles Between Hotels - how to get downtown free (or just the cost of a tip):

More monorail/shuttle/taxi info:

CAT - city bus system:
<> #301 is main Strip-Downtown route

Strip Map with hotel locations:

Las Vegas Metro PD - Tourist Safety Tips:

Cheap Eats and Drink Specials:
Also---- (some great meal deals)

Restaurant Reviews from Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper:

Maps of Caesars Meeting Rooms (note there are three floors - Perspectives is usually floors 2 & 3 or a freezing tent outback):

Airport transfer:
Last I saw Bell Transport was still the best deal for a shuttle bus to a Strip hotels (like Caesars) at $4.75 (one-way, tip extra) (shuttle desk ouside baggage claim - opposite side from taxis)

or... great taxi hints from experts (note fare info may be out of date with gas price increases) but the tips for not getting ripped off are still valuable
at <>
3-4 people in a $15 taxi might be faster/cheaper than shuttle - be sure to tell the driver "Caesars - and NO tunnel". Good drivers know the "back roads" like Industrial Rd. or Koval Lane to avoid "The Strip" at busy times. Except for certain time of day Paridise to Flamingo is way shorter than the tunnel to the freeway. With the shuttle service though (with multiple hotel stops) they almost always use the freeway to Spring Mt. Rd. then work their way south hotel by hotel.

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