Perspectives survey & planning

Hello everyone,

Though many of you know me I thought I would like to introduce myself

I am Jeff Glaze from Decorated Products, Westfield, MA.

I am the Vantage Product Liaison for Epicor Users Group (EUG) and President of the Northeast Vantage User's Group (NEVUG).

For those of you who do not know the EUG is NOT a division of Epicor. It is a separate not-for-profit organization, financially independent of Epicor. This is an excellent model for everyone concerned. It is good for Epicor corporate since it provides an unhindered connection to its users and good for users to feel less hindered in voicing opinions.

The EUG has members from all product lines (including Vantage). My role is to be the main point of contact between the EUG and Vantage users.

Since the EUG is independent, there is a fee for joining of $360 per year per company (with as many individual users within a company covered). There are two main benefits to membership:
1. The discount to Perspectives
2. You'll have twice the voting power for enhancement requests. Epicor looks to us first for enhancements, and then to the standard enhancement request list. We help prioritize the requests for Epicor.

Companies that pay their EUG invoices early in the year can benefit from a substantial discount on Perspectives registration. This is negotiated every year with Epicor corporate. Last year it was $275 per person (making it a slam dunk if a company sends two or more people)

One of the main functions of the EUG is to co-sponsor Perspectives. The EUG provides content at Perspectives by organizing customer presenters for sessions at Perspectives. It also provides input. Below is Christine Hansen's (Epicor Corporate Liaison to the EUG) notice to all Vantage users to volunteer to be a Customer Presenter at Perspectives. I would like to add that there is also a need for volunteers to be SIG leaders on Sunday to conduct approximately one hour sessions with fellow users on special interest topics such as General Accounting, Manufacturing/Inventory, Purchasing and Sales Order Processing. These sessions are the main input to Epicor Corporate for Vantage product improvements. This is your chance to really have an effect on the future of Vantage.

Everyone please feel free to contact me about these opportunities or any other questions or concerns. We are working hard to help start more regional Vantage user groups, which is another benefit of the EUG.

Jeff Glaze
Vantage EUG Product Liaison
Decorated Products

The following is Christine's message:

Perspectives 2005 planning is in full swing. If you haven't already heard, Perspectives 2005 is being held October 16-19 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. As part of preparing for the conference, we would like to gather suggestions for sessions from customers. We are especially looking for customers that are willing to present sessions that other users can benefit from.

What do you want to see or present at the next Perspectives? We want to know, and have an online survey for you to tell us.

The link to our Perspectives Survey is here:

Included in the survey is a section for customer presentation. If you would like to present (you'll get half-off your Perspectives registration), give us at least a working session title for now, and we'll pass your info to your Vantage Product Liaison, Jeff Glaze. We'll need to come up with a real title and a 50-word description by the first week of June. I'll set up on-line rehearsals with you starting early-August, and then your final slides will be due early September.

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our Perspectives survey. Let's make this the best Perspectives ever!

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