Phantom Alternatives for Made to Stock Jobs

Hello, glad to see this is an active forum! We are in the midst of implementation, and I’m looking for suggestions on how to handle a common situation on our shop floor.

Our drawings are considered the master, and we want our production team to see the same BOM structure on their jobs. However, we don’t want to increase transactions and have a job for every sub-assembly. A unique twist is that we often sell a manufactured sub-assembly as a stand-alone line item.

Is there a way to minimize job transactions and still maintain BOM structure?

Hope that is clear! I’m still familiarizing myself with the Epicor system and terminology.



From the online help …

Define Assembly Options for a Material Record (Engineering Workbench > Method of Manufacturing > Materials)

Define Assembly Options for a Material Record

Navigate to this sheet/program:

  • Engineering Workbench > Method of Manufacturing > Materials
  1. Click the appropriate material record in the workbench’s Tree View. The program will advance to this Materials Detail sheet with that material record displayed.
  2. Enter the method of manufacture details in the sheet.
  3. Select an assembly option to determine how the part is considered during MRP and Scheduling as follows:
  • Select Pull as Assembly to indicate this material requirement should be manufactured as a subassembly.
  • Select Plan As Assembly to indicate this material requirement is fulfilled form stock. If not enough stock is available during the manufacturing lead time, it will be planned as a subassembly by the MRP process.
  • Select View as Assembly to indicate the material requirement will be fulfilled from stock, but it will display as a subassembly within the bill of material.

Calvin, thanks for the quick response. If the material in the MoM is set to “Pull as Assembly”, won’t that still create a job for that particular sub-assembly?

I think you’d want “View as Assembly”.

I’d have to do a test to see how the following BOM would be processed:

TOP_PART (M)  // Plan As Assy
  +---10 WIDGET-001 (P)
  +---20 WIDGET-002 (P)
  +---30 SUBASSY-001 (M)  // View As Assy
       +---10 WIDGET-010 (P)
       +---20 WIDGET-015 (P)
       +---30 WIDGET-015 (P)
       +---40 SUBASSY-020 (M)  // View As Assy
           +---10 WIDGET-099 (P)
           +---20 WIDGET-101 (P)

I believe the following is correct:

When making the BOM for SUB-ASSY-001, Mtl 40 (SUBASSY-020) should be specified as View as Assy. The same goes for Mtl 30 (SUBASSY-001) of parent TOP_PART

The Job Pick list for a job to make TOP_PART would include all the components (all the WIDGET-xxx parts), from inside the SUBASSY-xxx parts.

Interesting. We’ll have to give that a shot in our pilot environment to understand the ramifications.

Thanks for sharing.

The documentation is really pretty sparse (I think that’s how they sell training :wink: )

Experimentation is the best way to learn. Just keep really good notes, as there are lots of moving parts, and its easy to think changing ‘X’ caused ‘Y’, when it was really something else you forgot to hold constant.

Yes, that is good advice! I’ll start playing around with it. Thanks again.