Phantom BOM as Sub-configurator

Hi Folks,
I am a new user of Epicor Product Configurator. We are using Epicor ERP 10.1.500.0
I am trying to make a common configurator for our products ( i.e. Chair). I know if I put a configurable part in a top-level configurable part method, then I can make the sequence in Configurator Enty. That works like a sub-configurator. But I don’t know the proper use of Phantom BOM in the configurator.

Do any of you use Phantom BOM to pull method details in configurator? Can you put a configurable part in the Phantom BOM? Will that work like a sub-configurator as well?

Sorry, if my question is not clear enough. Basically, I need some help regarding sub-configurator. Any kind of suggestions will be highly appreciated.