Phantom bom in part and partplant

So since we went to 10.1 we noticed that when you check the phantom BOM check box in the part detail tab (the site defuault group), the phantom BOM check box in the sites tabs checks itself, however, when you hit refresh, it comes back as unchecked. This leads to some confusion. The other check boxes come up with a message box asking if you want to change the site values too, this one doesn’t. Is anyone else seeing the same behavior?

We’re on 10.1.500.13 and updating the part to Phantom BOM asks and then cascades the changes to PartPlant.

I’m seeing in 2021.2.13, the Sites Phantom BOM does NOT automatically check when checking it on the main detail tab.

Is this right? Is there an option somewhere that determines this behavior?

Asking before I make a BPM… Thanks!