Physical Inventory Issue

Anyone seen this before? I receive this error when trying to do the Physical Inventory. Our end of month is tomorrow and we need it to run today!

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK_CCDtl’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘Erp.CCDtl’. The duplicate key value is (VT, MfgSys, RM-DIECT, 2020, 12, 1, 1, 831.010GHLAM).

What function are you trying to do?

Initiate a Physical Inv?? Print tags?? Enter counts?? Post counts???, etc… ??

Initiate Physical Inventory

do you have any open cycle counts? They need to be closed/cancelled before a part can be added to a new cycle (Physcial is treated like a cycle with a special checkbox/flag called ‘physical’)


This was just discussed recently… You can only have one tag per warehouse/part/bin/lot or serial number.

I’d go with what @MikeGross said one of those values in VT, MfgSys, RM-DIECT, 2020, 12, 1, 1, 831.010GHLAM is probably the cycle number. and you’ve probably already got one for Fiscal Period 12

Just talked to my Accounting lady and they do Physical inventory twice per month. So, how can I tell if one is still open? Can it be deleted?

Update: Seems the Cycle Count 12 was done last month, and it is trying to do another 12 for this month. Does the cycle count only go to 12 and not 13?

Physical is a special thing, and shouldn’t necessarily be done twice a month, let alone more than once per year… Maybe, we’re confusing things here and they are doing “Cycle Counts” more than once per month - which would be perfectly normal.

My hypothesis still stands though - a part can only be on one cycle at a time. I would go through the cycles and see if you can find the open/incomplete one and cancel or delete it.

You should be able to find your open cycle counts using CC Maintenance and searching. I would used a variation of these two checkboxes just to be sure (unchecked, both checked, each checked)…

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And Epicor, and this site, have many posts and documents floating about on Cycle Counting.

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