Physical Inventory when using Material Burnden

I found that when you do a physical inventory and you are using material
burden that the Variance report that you print out to use as your
accounting documentation does not include the "total" cost of the
material. It doesn't include material burden portion of the cost. When
the adjustments are made the material burden of course is included so
the adjustment made to your stock accounts. So the adjustment is
different than the variance report total. I reported this to Epicor and
they informed me that is what they want it to do... There is an
enhancement request out there and that there are already many people who
have joined the request. I was hoping that the wonderful people on this
support group could join the request so that maybe this relatively easy
fix could be made.
I thank you in advance!
Stephanie Geary

Summary: IM Count Variance Report not including material burden.
Book: Support Solutions
Page: 2343MPS

Page ID 2343MPS

Expected Value on Count Variance Report does not include Material

Steps to duplicate:

1. Find any part with a material burden cost and at least one on hand.
(Example, p/n was set up with $1 labor, $1 burden, $1 material, $1
subcontract and .50 Mtl Burden, for a total value of $4.50.)

2. In Count Group entry, add a new group for a full physical inventory
count, all warehouses (or at least the warehouse that has the on hand
quantity from step 1).

3. Start the count and Generate Tags.

4. Print or Print Preview the Count Variance Report. Note that the
total expected value of the part does not include Material Burden.


Material Burden was intentionally removed from the total unit cost.
Material burden is a separate cost track on its own and is not part of
the part total cost.

VERSION 5.10.130

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