PO Acknowledgement - Missing Total on some POs

Once in a while, we would get a PO that the total amount at the bottom is not printing. It seems to be affecting some users only. If I go and print the same PO (I have security manager access), it prints fine. Could this be a security issue? Just odd that the total would not print. This is with both the “Standard - SSRS” as well as the one we customized with our company logo and a few added fields.

Below is what it looks like, just blank. We are on version

Hi Chai,

It seems very odd that only you have ability to see the total. Is the total on the PO itself? There were problems with closed POs that went through upgrade E10 and Sys Mgmt/Rebuild Processes/Set PO total and tax defaults needed to be run. Here’s link about that in case it could help you: PO totals post


Thanks Nancy. Figured out the issue had to do with the toggling of the PO Verbiage at the footer based off current plants. It was working for me since I happened to be in a plant with some verbiage. Made some adjustments and now it’s working.