PO based on $ for nuts/bolts that are not tracked

​​Has anyone worked with Purchase Orders for vendors who are supplying nuts/bolts etc. that are based on $ rather than units, and where we are not tracking the quantities?

The vendor supplies nut/bolts/washers
They come in, fill the bins, and then send us an invoice for a specific $ value
They aren’t giving us a count, and we aren’t tracking the inventory in those bins. The inventory just back flushes to the jobs.

Trying to get my head around how to set up the purchase order, and then receive multiple vendor invoices against it for varying $ amounts.

Thanks for any insight.

Does your vendor come out on a regular schedule, or do you have to cut a PO for them each time you need a refill?

We have a similar situation with our welding and laser gases where the vendor will come out on a regular schedule to refill our tanks. We then enter the invoices we receive from them as miscellaneous invoice lines with qty = 1 and unit price = the total line price. At the end of the month Purchasing reconciles the inventory usage for these part numbers (driven negative by job backflushes and we aren’t receiving any inventory) with the invoices we’ve received and then adjusts quantity back to zero for the next month.

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