PO Buy to Other - GL trace

Hope I’m posting in the correct area. We have a situation where a PO was placed for 3 trailers in June, total value is $97,500 and somehow the PO was marked ‘Other’ and not ‘Inventory’
I can’t replicate the issue, have attempted to recreate in test and it won’t allow so the part parameters must have been since changed.
My problem is trying to establish how this affected the June books. The PO was received in June, and invoiced in June and I believe this means that the expense was realized in June.
PO Release line GL control is Raw materials, and I can trace the cash payment through to Raw materials. Raw materials is an asset account on the BS, and in order for this to be expensed it needs to be transferred to COGS in my limited understanding.
I would be glad of any pointers on how to establish if this is still in the Raw Material account or has been expensed at some point between June and now.

First off, make sure the PO wasn’t actually “Buy To Order” The PO Entry screen will use “Other” for that kind too.

What “Buy TO Order” (BTO) does is allow the purchase of a Part On The Fly (part that doesn’t have a Part entry), against a line item on a sales order. When a BTO is received it hits raw material GL. When the line item ships on a Packer, the Raw Materials GL is relieved. The flow through the GL is normal, with the end point being COS.

Another possibility is that the PO was created before the Part Entry. Or the Part entry incorrectly had the Qty Bearing flag cleared. Anything with Qty Bearing check MUST go through inventory. The PO would be “For Stock”. The receipt would increase the raw material GL, and increase the QOH of the item. Shipping from stock would relieve the raw mtl GL as well as the QOH.

If the item was not in part master (or wasn’t set as qty bearing), then it would be expensed upon receipt. But if the GL account was set to raw material, it would hit that and have no way to ever get out, short of a Journal Entry. If this is the case, A JE between raw materials and the COS accounts will be needed.