PO detail formula

Would like to understand why PO Line is capturing 2 different Unit Price (PODetail.UnitPrice & PODetail.DocUnitPrice), thanks.

Unit Price is in your currency and DocUnitPrice is in the suppliers currency. For instance if your default currency is USD but your supplier’s prices are in CAD then DocUnitPrice is CAD and UnitPrice is USD. This is the same on OrderDtl where Unit price is your sell price in your currency and DocUnitPrice is in the Customer’s currency.


In your screenshoot it appears that the values are the same. You should also have a Currency field that would represent the DocUnitPrice currency.

Hi Adam,
the line 3 is not same. Unit Price - 11000 nd DocInUnitCost - 121000.

DocUnUnitCost includes taxes. Do you have a use tax setup for this PO line?

Line 3 appears to be correct but not line 1. Have you confirmed that the taxes have been calculated on the actual PO for line #1?