PO emails randomly being sent

The email that is sent to our vendors when the user hits print and selects the email report option, seems to be going out on it’s own.

At random it just emailed out 60 POs. The only similarities is the POs are all from 1 user. 3 different vendors but they are all in the same type of vendor.

This exact thing happened a bit back, about 6 months ago. We assumed it was a fluke or a user did it.

Is there anyway to trace this and figure out why or if it’s a user that is doing it? Is there a report log?

Delivery day is gonna be lit !

Go check the System Agent, maybe someone scheduled recurring reports. Doubtful, but it’s one place to look.

Haha yeah, it could be a lit delivery day. Vendors know it’s a glitch though. It would be in the millions of dollars of materials purchased if they processed them.

I haven’t looked at the system agent but I will soon.

That’s a slow day for some. You never know :slight_smile: