PO Entry Default UOM

When creating a new PO line for a non-inventory part (Other), the UOM at this one company is defaulting to FT even though they don’t buy anything in FT. Does anyone know how to change this default UOM for PO Line entry?

When I explore the DemoDB the default is EA and at another company I support, their default is EA too. As a troubleshooting step in a backup environment, I went so far as to actually delete the FT UOM and the Length class completely. But even then, PO Line is defaulting to FT. I can’t for the life of me figure out from where it is pulling the default UOM.

I believe the UOM drop-down list for purchase order lines is limited to the UOM Class “COUNT”

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@aaronssh Check Default UOM Class and default Base UOM in that Class.


Yes Arul, did that check before posting. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Our class ‘UOM’ (mixed class) is set as the default UOM class, and within that ‘EA’ is the default Base UOM.

Matt, I wonder if you are on to something. The UOM drop-down list for PO lines does show UOMs from all classes, so I can confirm that it is not limited to COUNT. However this particular Epicor install is missing the COUNT class (they use UOM mixed class for everything, which is set up as class type count). I wonder if that is related somehow?

It will be the DefaultUM field in the erp.XaSyst table. It was probably setup when the system was setup.

In order to fix without a UBAQ. Go into UOM class and change the default UOM Class to on that has the correct UOM set as the default. This will update it.

Funnily just went through this with my colleague today on this exact thing.

Hope that helps


Hally, that did it! What was odd is that it WAS correctly set as the default class and when I set Volume as the default class, both were reporting that they were System Default. This didn’t make sense so I changed Weight to the System Default. This released the System Default check box from the other two classes. Then I set the correct class back as System Default and all started working again. What an odd quirk! Thank you for your solution Hally!

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Your most welcome.