PO entry - ShipVia not saving on first save

When adding a new PO with a selected ShipVia, the ShipVia does not save (clicking save saves everything else, but the ShipVia dropdown goes back to blank). If I select the ShipVia again and click save, it saves.

The tracing shows both times PO.Update is running and the only difference is that the second time a PO# is included in the update.

Any suggestions on how to track this down? An employee mentioned that it started happening after a previous employee added ShortChar01 to the form.

(Note: When I revert to the base form, the issue still occurs)
(Note2: This only occurs when a vendor does not have a default ShipVia set)

Any direction would be helpful.

Thank you.

Have you verify if there is a BPM defined for the PO update or on another action related to the PO ?

Slap I checked the method directives and didn’t see anything and totally forgot the data directives. I found the issue there. Thank you!!

Glad I could help ! :+1: