PO Inventory Journal

Hi everyone.

This is long shot but figured I’d ask. We had several PO Receipts that were posted to journals and we came to find out they hit the wrong GL account. I wrote a BAQ to and tied the PO Header, PO receipt and Journal GL detail together for the team.

The team went and fixed the problems by creating new journal entries to make the fixes.

So when I rerun my BAQ it keeps showing the same PO Inventory Journals they already fixed. Since my BAQ is showing the original journal detail.

Since the new journals created to fix the problem are not tied to these PO receipts in any way, I don’t think there is anyway to show them what was fixed versus was was not fixed - I can’t tie the PO/Receipt to those new journals.

A little longwinded - if anyone has ever had to make the same type of fix, please let me know how you did it, so we can show our BAQ. We are relatively new to Epicor.


Did they add a reference or a note to the manual postings?

Unfortunately no:(

You could query the postings that happened during the date range they did them and then try to match up the amounts.