PO Line Memo

Is it possible to add a memo on the line of a PO instead of just the header. We would like to add memos to each PO line just like memos are done in Order Entry.

Is the only option to use the Comment field for lines? The ability to use the Memo categories here would be especially useful. Has anyone come up with other solutions?

Thanks in advance.

I think you have to enable a memo type for the PODtls table. I might be confusing that with how attachments work.


Looks like PO Line isn’t an option for memo type

If you want to add a memo for an EDI PO, then your developer can help you do that on the EDI mapping side, especially if it’s the same memo/note for each outbound PO.

I know it’s possible, because we have built that functionality into our system. That predates me, however, so I can’t help you out with “how”.

Bumping this from last year. Just received this as a request. Not sure why Epicor did not include options for Memo Categories for PO Lines instead of just Header records when it is available for Sales Order Lines/Releases.