PO Need By Date

I just need a little clarification on the Need By Date on the PO Rel. It is my understanding that this date field is system managed not user managed, per say. That the Need By Date is set but the Due Date from the PO. This Need By Date is what drive PO Suggestions, correct?

Please let me know if I have this all wrong.

thanks Kim

Hi Kim,

I think of it a little opposite. I believe that the PO due date is set by the “demand need by date”. PO due date will be immediately, if inventory part below SS. PO due date will be when a job needs it for issue. PO due date will be the sales order release ship by date, if a buy to order demand.


PO Due Date is initially set by MRP and/or Generate PO Suggestions. It is the field that MRP look at to determine when the parts are scheduled. The Need By date is really for reference, and not used by MRP at all. I believe it prints on the Purchase Order form for your supplier. In theory you “Need” something today, but it is unrealistic to say that on a part that has a 30 day leadtime. The “Due Date” should be manually updated to inform MRP when the part is “Actually due” to arrive. THEN, if the part is marked as a Constrained Part, MRP can plan around this constraint.

we don’t do by to order