PO Promise Dates Displayed On A Calendar

I would like to create a dashboard that displays a handful of purchased items on a calendar style display using the PO’s promise date. It would be used as a visual indicator for some users to see when certain items are promised to be delivered. Has anyone created something like this? Is it even possible to have it displayed on a calendar. I know how to create a BAQ and then turn it into a dashboard but I do not want the data displayed in rows and columns. A calendar style view would be much more user friendly for the individuals using this data.

Wonder if you have already seen the topic below?
If not, I’m thinking it might give you some ideas.

I have this question, too. It would be useful for displaying other data such as scheduled shipments in a calendar view.

I have not found a solution yet so if you do please let me know.

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The controls below appear in the ICE Customization Guide and the toolbox:

Which would lead me to believe a calendar view would be possible BUT…
Only one related topic I have found - Custom Tool useage
So for now have added these to my list of things I want to tinker with…someday.

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