PO, Receipt, Invoice


Does anyone know the best tables to pull in for a BAQ to show the PO, Receipt and Invoice and the “Apply Date” for each of the latter 2, all on one BAQ,

You’d think it would be easy but I am having a touch time for some reason.


POInfo from POHead, PODtl

Receipt from RcvHead, RcvDtl, and PartTran

Invoice info from InvcHead, InvcDtl

Apply date for the receipt can be gathered from PartTran. But be aware that the actual apply date may be later, if the apply date is in a closed period. It will get moved to the 1st day of the current period when Capture COS/WIP is run.

Thanks Calvin - What is best suggested way to join them? Start with PO Hdr_> Recpt Hdr and then InvHdr? and then work down to the line level?

First off, I was wrong in saying InvcHead and InvcDtl - those will be for AR invoices, The ones you want, probably named like APInvcHead

And the direction to do the joining depends on what you know you’ll have. Typically Rcpt, belong to a PO, and Invoice belong to a Rcpt. So start with PO

POHead -> PODtl -> RcptDtl  -> APInvcDtl -> APInvcHead
            \             \               
             \-> POHead    \-> RcptHead

Thanks Calvin - was scratching my head till you sent that.

Here is what I have do far - which works. where do you suggest I join Parttran?

I only suggested PartTran to get the apply date for the receipt. But now realize you can get that from the RcvHead.

Not sure what the final output of the BAQ is, but you might need PORel table too.

Hi Calvin,

It looks like you can get RcvHead_ReceiptDate from RcvHead, and I can also get Parttran_Trandate from Partttran, but they are not always the same.

DO you think RcvHead_ReceiptDate is just when the receipt is created, and Parttran_Trandate is when the Capture COS/WIP process is run?


Capture COS/WIP will definitely use the Parttran.TranDate. If you need to tie this BAQ to accounting, definitely use the partran.TranDate.

There is a ReceiptDate field in the RcvDtl table. that’s probably the one used for the parttran record.