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We run MRP every night. Is there a way to see when a part originally shows up on the PO Suggestion? We are trying to see how long it takes us to place an PO from the time of the original suggestion to when a PO is created. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We had this requirement at a client a few years back, and the only way we found to do it was to copy each day’s SugPODtl table to a UD table so we could research it WARNING: that UD table can get VERY BIG VERY FAST). Epicor does not store that history out of the box.

I’m sure there are tools where you could create an external database and use some analytics on it as well.

The only date fields in SugPoDtl are the Order By and Due Date

You’d probably need to ad UD columns to SugPoDtl to hold the created datetime, and the use a DD to set the field. Although this might negatively impact MRP runtime.

Mark is correct… what I should have added, however, is that the next time you run MRP or Generate Suggestions, the SugPODtl table is wiped out. That’s what I meant by the history is not kept.

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You might be able to derive it from the SysRevID and SysRowID fields

Hi Rich,

We’ve always wanted this too. I never got it going, but thought that the combination of part / quantity / and due date were likely the best data to store to get a unique PO suggestion to input into a UD table with timestamp.


Thank you all for your replies.
Would somebody from Epicor wish to reply or at least make a suggestion to Corporate about this.

Right-click on the new suggestions in buyer workbench and save them to Excel.