PO Suggestions-Order By/Due Date confusion

We’re seeing some very odd things in the Buyer Workbench. We have one buyer with a list of parts showing the Order By and Due Date as the same; that would make sense if there were no lead time entered for the part but the lead time is entered at 90 days.

I have another buyer whose list looks a bit more normal but still has some parts that are showing Order By/Due Date as the same day and all of those parts have a lead time entered.

I’m on the struggle bus trying to explain just what the system is looking at and/or ignoring and why…

Wendy, it is possible to set the Lead Time in a couple different places. I think the Lead Time on the Supplier Price List overrides the Lead Time on the Part itself, for example. Do any of these parts have Supplier Price List records with a lead time of 0 days?

Hi Andrew – I checked for Supplier Price list info and nope… none of these are on a supplier price list.

I never have figured out why some parts are doing this --Suggested PO Date being the same as the Due Date – even though there is a lead time set up for the particular part. Now on at least 2 parts that have this issue, the suggested purchase quantity is well below the MOQ set on the part. I did go back and double check the supplier price list and these parts are not on any price list.

Do the two parts where the dates are the same have a supplier listed but no price list? The price list will over ride the lead time on the Part/Site tab (#4). I have found it will do this if a supplier is listed (#5) even it there is no price list created yet for that supplier.

Interesting! And yes…the parts do have a supplier listed. This just popped up on another part that we need right away that has a very long lead time – but when we looked at what was showing on the buyer workbench we’re not being flagged to buy the part until 5/8/24 and that we need it 5/8/24…neither of which is accurate.

So my takeaway at the moment is to not list a supplier in the part maintenance if we want to get accurate PO suggestions. We don’t have all of our parts on a supplier price list because they can change almost every time we order.

So I’ve worked my way back around to this issue after dealing with multiple other issues and then Thanksgiving, etc…

I picked 5 random parts with this PO Suggestion issue and compared them to see what settings, etc were different. I was really hoping for an “AH-HA” moment; but I’ve got nothing. I even compared the problem parts with well behaved parts to see if that gave me any clues…nothing. I have “good” and “bad” parts will all of the same settings - same part class, lead time loaded, Supplier listed but not on a Supplier pricelist, some with no supplier listed that behave fine as well.

Clearly there is something I’m missing somewhere… I did check the settings for the Part Class and the default lead time there is much longer than the lead time on the individual part.

I don’t know if it is possible, but perhaps by activating the logs on Po suggestion, you should have details on the creation of suggestion anf the way it choose a date, like on MRP or Global scheduling