PO Suggestions - SugPoDtl table

Hi all,

We are recently on Epicor 10 from E9. Has something changed as it pertains to directives on the SugPoDtl table? It seems NONE of my data or method directives running against SugPoDtl are writing or changing any data. For example, I have an in trans data directive that changes the ship via to the ship via from the sales order release whenever it is a drop ship. This will not work in E10 no matter what I do. Am I missing something that’s new for E10??

Thank you,

Hi Chris,

What is your condition? We have one working in E10… IDK what it used to be in E9, sorry!
It is in-transaction and based on changed row. Seems a little odd that it’s not added record. Perhaps it was necessary…


I do these kind of changes post processing on getrowsplant which fires when the buyers workbench is opened. It always is called.

My condition is Update or Added. I have inserted diagnostic messages where needed and it IS stepping into everything but absolutely will not change ShipViaCode…