After a bunch of hunting I finally figured out the issue, where the
VendorPartOpts are set, and how to update the report.

On the PO Line tab, there is a Cross Reference Options button which will
open a window to allow you to select those values.

[image: Inline image 1]
However, we have a lot of parts where those come in blank, so in order to
fix the printing issue, without requiring our buyers to edit every line, I
added some more logic to the report to include if VendorPartOpts = "".
Both the PartNum1 & PartNum2 need to be updated. Since a value of 'M' is
the default I just copied the same logic, but checked for "" instead.

[image: Inline image 2]

This fixed our issue of no part number printing on the POForm report.


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

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I am in V10 (but I think this is true for V9 also) and I see in Crystal (and SSRS) that there is a reference to a field PODetail.VendorPartOpts.

I was just wondering if anyone knows where those options are set in the Epicor interface?

I can hard code what I want to do - but if Epicor has a built in way to do the same thing I would rather do that.

Support seems to have never heard of it before :)

Thanks for any help.

Dave Olender (DaveO)

Ph: 651-246-3281


Did you even figure out of VendorPartOpts is suppose to work?  How is it populated?  I need to fix something because we have PODetail lines were VendorPartOpts is blank and the SSRS report just doesn't print anything. I'm thinking of fixes the report code, but if there is some setting in the system that needs to be fixed I'd rather do that.

Norman Hutchins
Howell Laboratories, Inc.
nhutchins At howelllabs.com
CustPartOpts is more straight-forward. From Customer Part Cross-Reference, when you bring in a customer, there's a drop-down where you can choose from these options (set equal to their definition in the Data Dictionary):

Print as Main Reference = M = Main Part Reference (Default)
Print as Secondary Reference = S = Secondary Part Reference
Only Customer Part = O = Only Part Reference Printed
Not Printed = N = Customer Part Not Printed

That value is saved on the Customer table.

VendPartOpts works similarly at the report level, but I can't find a place where you can set it for a supplier or even a supplier part. Instead, from the Lines / Detail tab in Purchase Order Entry, there's a Cross Reference Options button at the bottom. Launch that dialog, and if there are cross-reference options, you can choose what part numbers print. Here the Data Dictionary description:

Vendor Part Print Options. Determines what is printed.
M = Main Part Reference (Default)
S = Secondary Part Reference
O = Only Part Reference
A = All Supplier Parts Referenced
N = No Supplier Parts Referenced

Our purchasers have never touched it, and every single PODetail has "M" populated in the field.

(Note: I'm using E9.)

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