Pop-up error message in Job Entry Form

Hello Gurus,

I would like to pop-up a error message when Pull qty is not equal to Required qty at JobAsmbl table/Sub-assembly level.

To give an overview, we have MRP jobs which are converted to FIRM and then we have PROD jobs which are created manually. To address this, the main thing is we want planners to put Pull Qty as same as required qty when there is required qty.

So far, I have tried quite a few things:

  1. BPM at Job Asmbl level; it actually didn’t work. Kept giving us the error message constantly. My condition was if Pullqty is not equal to Required qty then show error message.
  2. BPM at method- JobEntry.update->Pre-Processing: Same issue, if jobfirmed checkbox changed from false to true, set pull qty = required qty. It kind of worked but only for MRP jobs and it updates at assembly level not at sub-assembly and it didn’t work for PROD jobs too.
  3. Customization-> Row rule: When pull qty not equal to required qty → custom code-> throw error. This works and triggers at right point but it actually let planners save their job even if they hit OK on that error message.
  4. Disable Released checkbox if those quantities do not match. But this actually triggers for all job even if there is no sub-assemblies in it.

I hope I am clear :slight_smile:

I appreciate your time looking into this and I always welcome any new suggestions or possible fixes.

Do a trace of where this is set in the normal flow for both main and sub assemblies. On AsmSeq 0 pull is only on a MTO JobProd. Then you will need to call the same BOs on job update to set the pull quantity.

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I managed to identify. This was pretty straight forward. Likely over thinking.

It was simple BPM - JobAsmbl/In-Trans: if assembly seq is not equal to 0 and pull qty is not equal to required qty, show error.

it worked in my case.

Thank you everyone for looking into this matter. Much Appreciated!!