PORel field for Charges?

I’m working on a supplier OTD dashboard and my first step is to categorize all suppliers into different tiers based on $ spent for the prior fiscal year(thinking this will be a subquery).

I’m thinking I can use RcvDtl and Vendor tables to accomplish this. Use a start date and end date parameter and filter on the ReceiptDate(so I only get receipts for the prior fiscal year as specified by params). Then the cost is OurQty * OurUnitCost. Finally display the cost and group by the Vendor.

Is there a better way to achieve this or is there an important field I’m missing?

Hi Eddie,

That can get you there but it might be easier (and faster) to use the APInvHed.InvoiceAmt field for totaling and the APInvHed.InvoiceDate for filtering. This will be using AP invoices instead of the receipt lines. I don’t know what the timing between receipt/invoice/payment is for you guys so that might be a consideration in your reporting.


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