Port number(s) used to run external EXE?


We are migrating to a new network AND upgrading from to 10.2.700.21. The new network is VERY locked down. I’m getting an error when trying to run an EXE from within a customization using Process.Start, which works fine in our current environment but not in our test environment. I’ve attached the error I’m getting. Would anyone have experienced this before, and would it be related to a specific port or port range now being open? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
2021-10-11 08_26_10-Window

Is that process trying to write to a file share?

Mark, it is trying to write a file to the C:\Temp folder on the user’s system.

Hmm. All computers and users or does it work if the user is the Admin of the machine?

That’s a very generic error code so these are tough to figure out sometimes.

Any clues in the Event Log?

Nothing I can see. Just get the error attached. I’m going to run the program in Debug and see if I can find anything out that way.

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In order to troubleshoot networking issues Ive done the following before:

  1. Open up command prompt and type the following and press enter

netstat -aon | find /i “syn”

  1. Press the up arrow and have the command ready
  2. run your program that’s giving you the issue
    4.then quickly switch to the command prompt and press enter

If you see anything like this you will see how Windows is trying to connect

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Think I found the problem…Program is trying to open an SQL connection to read a (read-only) view, fails on the open

To your Epicor Database or another?

If Epicor, you could create an Epicor Function or write an API and access the same data via REST. That connection is least privileged (compared to the SQL connection) and easier for your network peeps to secure.