POs - How to get most recent "received price" to show automatically

How do you get the most recent “received price” of a purchased part to automatically populate on a new PO line?

You would have to make a BPM. And a difficult one at that (in my opinion).

There is a Supplier Price List. But there is nothing automatic about it. It’s actually quite daunting the first time you try to figure it out.

Have you done this BPM? Or do you all manually enter every price on a PO line?

@lfilzen The received price is the POs price, so you just want what ever was enter last time to be used again? Assuming you use suggestions then on POSugg.GetRowsPlant you could read either PODtl or RcvDtl for the most recent date and set the unit price on the suggestion from that.

Assuming you have zero price lists entered then the price would not get changed. If you did have price lists then override Price lists would have to be set on the PO line.


@gpayne explained it perfectly, but to answer your question, I have never done a bpm like that for a PO. The Supplier Price List is the right way to do it, and the users just need to learn that.

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I’ve done this writing a bpm to pull in last unit cost from the part cost table.