Possible cache issue - how to flush?

We have a post processing method directive that executes a stored procedure to output some XML for an integration. It appears that despite running in post, Epicor’s cache has not been flushed to SQL Server when the sproc runs. I see evidence of this in a decision being made in the BPM based on a value of a checkbox, but the opposite value appearing in the XML.

I’ve considered introducing an artificial delay in the hope that it will increase the probability of the cache being flushed. If that fails, I might have to reimplement the sproc inside the BPM. Are there any other options?

If it were me, I’d do an Epicor Function Kevin. It’s like a BPM but you could pull the document when required which also eliminates SMB permissions and path issues, is easier to move servers, and doesn’t have to be inactivated in a Test or Pilot environment.

Thanks, Mark. I found your thread about Epicor Function Hello World, but I don’t see Epicor Function Maintenance in the menu search in 10.2.100. When was it introduced?

10.2.500. Sorry.