Post Processing BAq


I am writing a Epicor/SalesForce integration to keep customer data aligned.

I have a pre-processing directive firing on the Customer.Update method which enables a Post-Processing directive.

The post processing directive fires a BAQ which returns the customer data which is in turn translated into JSON and posted to SalesForce.

For some reason the BAQ is returning the pre updated values most of the time, but not always.

Could this be a slight timing error before the database is updated and the BAQ firing in the Post-Processing error?

I thought the post-processing error would only fire once the update had completed.



Not sure why it would have the pre-processing data in the BAQ, but you could probably avoid that by moving to a Standard Data Directive. That way you know it only fires after the Database is updated.

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I found the issue in the BPM and everything is now working as expected.