POSv rest api ship to

When creating purchase orders I can’t override the ship to address. It always defaults to the company file address. We have several warehouses. Anybody have the same issue?


Make sure the checkbox “Print PO Header Address” is selected (it shouldn’t matter, but give it a shot). If you’re using the Classic interface, try clicking on the “Site” button and see if the Site address comes in… if so can you then manually replaced it? By default, Epicor does not have an automated way of selecting a Warehouse address (only Site, Company, Customer, or Supplier)… but you should be able to enter it manually.

What version are you using?

Thanks for the quick reply.
Kinetic 2021.2.10
Base Version

Thought it strange that the po rest create order had the ship to name and address but always defaults to what’s in the company table. The fields get overwritten. Working on doing a patch rest to see if that works.

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Just checking to see if anyone took this further…

-I just received the request for all parts purchased to select jobs to be delivered to either a specific warehouse (with a different address), or to other 3d party assemblers. So per release they want to be able to specify a different delivery address/instructions…

The real kicker is that the powers that be want this to happen automatically, without Buyers input. Unfortunately we did not purchase the Kinetic Mind Reader module. So we are out of luck there too. Although I hear it is buggy. I would love to hear of any solutions in case you have had this request before and found a workable solution.