PPlanQty_JobDemandQty in BAQ doesn't match TimePhase

I created a BAQ to help Sales when they are requoting certain assemblies to give them visibility of what parts are short for a new build. I’m using the OnHand Qty, Job Demand and Unfirm Job Demand from the PPlanQty table. Seemed simple enough – I added a calculated field to take the onhand and subtract the demand to give a total of what’s available. Not sure what the heck the problem is…but I’m getting numbers that don’t match what’s showing in TimePhase? What am I missing? Why would that data be different ?

Are you running the Production Planning Process (Job Management → General Ops)?

That process populates the PPlan tables with data; a lot of people will run it on a daily schedule. Still, I have seen the PPlan data look goofy before even when running the process daily.

We do run the Production Planning Process nightly after MRP. Should I use a different table altogether for my BAQ?

Have you looked at PartWhse? That table is generally pretty good at storing on hand qty and demand by source (sales, job, transfer).

As far as the PPlan tables, maybe there are settings you can experiment with in the Production Planning Process that will get the data in line with what you’re expecting. I tend to shy away from those tables because there are so many “black box” calculations Epicor does where you have no idea what the formulas are…

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Thanks! I will try that!