Prevent Equipment to search manually

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I’m trying to prevent searching for specific equipment that does not belong to a department. if you type manually the equipment number and press tab still can search the equipment i.d.

You don’t want them to be able to manually enter it?

The search form only shows PPI.CGO.010, while the form looks like someone manually typed in PPI.CGO.001. (BTW - not the best example, as I though they were the same until I saw the descriptions :wink: ).

How did you keep it from showing in the search? Or is it something built-in to E10?

Also … Why does you search form show 2 “Quick Search” tabs?


Did you change the Search default?

And is the issue that the user can manually type in an Equipment ID from another site?

I’ve created a quick search to search only the Equipment assign to maintenance and it was working fine.
the issue is the user can manually type in an Equipment ID that was not assign from them.

Create a BPM on Equip.GetByID. One of the fields in the selected equipment is Plant. Check that against the call context CurrentPlant. If they don’t match then raise an exception.

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Follow up on this…

Raising an exception prevents the record from being loaded, and this looks like it doesn’t exist. So you’re then promted to create it. It pretends to create the new Equipment record (same ID, but with the current Site as the plant). But when you try to save it, you get an error that the ID already exists.