Prevent Make part from being treated as constrained?

I see lots of threads about people struggling to get the scheduler to recognize parts as constrained. I’m looking for a way to prevent a part from being constrained. Simplified, my MoM looks like this:

   Op: Assemble
      Mtl: Sub1 - Pull As Assembly
      Mtl: Sub2 - Plan As Assembly

Parent is manufactured in site A. Sub2 being marked Plan causes MRP to spawn a job for Sub2 in site B. It’s set up this way because the same subassembly is primarily used in products manufactured in site B. And everything is non-stock and configurable.

Being marked Plan causes Make to be checked on the QuoteMtl for Sub2, which in turn causes Sub2 to be treated as Constrained even though Constrained is not checked on the part. MRP creates the job for Sub2 and schedules it as expected. It also creates the job for Parent but does not schedule it, presumably because Sub2 is constrained.

The problem is that we want to manufacture Sub1 concurrently with Sub2. I know I could probably achieve this by also setting Sub1 to Plan As Assembly. But this suggestion was shot down because management doesn’t want to spawn even more jobs.

Taking another tack, is there something I could set on a job, in a BPM after the job is created but before the scheduler runs, that would allow or force the job to be scheduled despite any constrained materials? The “ignore constrained materials” checkbox in MRP doesn’t seem to apply to materials that are constrained because of Make. (If Make is truly the reason my jobs aren’t being scheduled, which is plausible but uncertain…)

Turns out this wasn’t the reason the job wasn’t scheduled. I found this out by trying to schedule the job in Job Entry, which gave me a useful error message. With that out of the way, the “ignore constrained” checkbox allows MRP to schedule the parent job.