Prevent Part Transaction from a Warehouse

I’m being asked if it’s possible to prevent a transaction from a Warehouse. The part in question used to be physically and logically located in a warehouse, but that is no longer the case. This part has been accidentally issued from this warehouse which causes all sorts of inventory issues.

I know I can’t delete the warehouse from the part in Part Maintenance because there is history. Is my only way forward changing Negative Quantity Action in Part Class for the part to Stop?

Thanks in advance.

A BPM can cover this. Not sure where the “best” place for it would be, but either PartTran or PartBin Data Directive is easy (don’t hate me for offer a Data Directive).
You can check the Part and Warehouse values and error is they match. No code required.

Not for recommending a data directive, but for suggesting one PartTran.