Preventing material, labor, etc being added to job after completed

I cannot seem to find an answer to why or how to stop this. Every month we have people add labor, material, etc to jobs after they are complete and put into inventory. I have said something until I am blue in the face but apparently there is no alert to say, hey, this job is completed. How can I prevent or warn someone?


To stop charging more costs to a job, close it. Completing it just takes it out of the schedule.


Finance would normally close the job, correct?

The best way to stop this is to close the jobs or have some BPM in place for completed jobs.

Vinay Kamboj

We have planning close them but as the job is completed and received into inventory, at that point the cost floes with the parts and should be closed. We are missing material obviously we need to train better, make signs or something. I just want another check in place.

Are you using the Auto job close process, may be that could help.

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