Price breaks question

Hello All.

Our purchasing department, who is responsible for intercompany transfer
pricing, has a question:

Where is the best place to enter/update pricing (selling) so as to see
historical prices and who changed them?

Our situation is this: we make parts for our IL division. In a perfect
world, we charge them our actual cost incurred; however, nothing is
perfect! In order to cut down on administrative time, we have elected
to set standard prices based on the average of the first 3 job runs for
a given part (with steel prices all over the board these days, this is
probably not the best solution!). Where is the best place to enter
these standard prices so as to see past history of what the former price
was, who updated it, and when? Further, what is the hierarchy order of
how invoice prices are assigned? I believe we have made the mistake in
the past of putting the price in the PART MASTER, which shows no
history. We have started to enter the prices in PRICE BREAK (since
prices can be expired, if we wish), but which one takes precedence if
there is an old price in the PART MASTER?

Thanks in Advance!


Rick Ludwig

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