Price List Attachments

Hi Guys,
Is it possible to enable the attachment button on a form where it is greyed out?
I am trying to attach files to a price list but it won’t pull up the price list pane.

I remember some code years ago to add the change log button to price list entry because it’s missing by default - maybe someone has some code like this that i can adjust for attachments also?


if anyone else has this issue try right clicking a record in the tree view and add an achment there.

it then seemed to allow me to click the attachment button after adding an attachment with a right click in tree view.

TBH I dont think so, unless it has changed in Epicor 10. In Epicor 9 it was enabled at business object level, so without having the SDK and creating custom assemblies you could not generate the attachments functionality. That said, I think you would be able to facilitate the functionality, so it would mimic the attachments capability using a fairly heavyweight customization.

Maybe i should delete my post so Bart and Nathan don’t see it and put a request in to development to fix the workaround.
if it is a workaround.
other option is that the price list bo is buggy… which is the most likley option.