Pricelist's and ODBC


Some people use ODBC to write certain data, allthought ODBC for writing
data isn't supported. I was wondering if it can do any harm.
As far as i know pricelist data is only used when entering sales orders.
Looking up prices in pricelists is straight forward implemented in Vista

I want to
-Extract all data concerning prices with ODBC.
-Let the user add articlenumbers (which do have to exist)
-Let the user change prices, date ranges and selecting customers in Excel.

After the operations are done in Excel I want to evaluate that data and !!!!
Write it back into Vantage over ODBC.

Can anybody share their thoughts about that? Can this be done? How
dangerous for my data is this procdure?

Unfortunatly the service connect module isn't an option for

I would be pleased to have your opinion..........