Pricing for sub-contract operation

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We have parts setup with sub-contract operations which have the sub-contract operation price added to the relevant supplier price list. However, when we run PO suggestions, the wrong price is pulled on some parts. It is a supplier which we purchase in a foreign currency, could that be why? When adding standard parts to a supplier price list, the base unit price is always the price in the foreign currency, so I don’t know why sub-con ops should be any different?

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Have you checked the Method (revision) for the part? There is a unit cost for the subcontract op that might pull through. I am not sure of the hierarchy. If it matches what is pulling through, you may want to zero it out.

Not certain about this, just an idea.


If there is an entry in supplier price list, it overrides what is in the method at the time of job creation. Unfortunately, there seems to be some weirdness when the date of the PO does not fall into the date range of the supplier price list entry.

If anyone understands this hierarchy, I would love an explanation.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your help, I’ll look into this.