Print & Print Preview taking multiple submits since Kinetic 2021.1.7

Our Pilot environment was upgraded to Kinetic 2021.1.7 and users are experiencing issues when Printing or Print Previewing Reports. Sometimes it works on first submit but other times the same report will take 3 submits. This seems to be occurring with Print to a printer or pdf and Print Previewing. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I did see one post regarding the Work Station Method in Company Maintenance but ours is set at “Machine Name + Domain User” as the post recommended.

Want to add that I also tried renaming the user.config file which is mentioned in Occasionally Report Print Preview Not Opening - COMPLETE Status - #2 by aidacra. It helped some but still having to submit print or print preview multiple times on some reports and not others. This doesn’t seem to be limited to Custom SSRS - happens on Standard as well.