Hi everybody,

Please, it is possible de put a modal window, without a LaunchFormOption ?

Sample : Receipt Entry open Print Dialog Tag, but the window is not modal.

Thank you for the help.

Yes you should be able to use .IsModal = true.


LaunchFormOptions lfo 	= new LaunchFormOptions();
lfo.ValueIn				= this.JobNum();
//lfo.ContextValue		= this.CreateParamsList(whereClauseUD100A);
lfo.IsModal				= true;
lfo.SuppressFormSearch 	= true;
// the CallBackMethod allows us to respond to specific callback
//lfo.CallBackMethod = CallBackHandlerBAQReport;
ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(this.oTrans, "UETTAG01", lfo);

Thank you for your answer.

But I don’t want to use ProcessCaller, because the button « Print Tag » already exist in this window.

Is there a way to put a modal window when this one is already open ?

Thank you.

If you can get the ref to the form, you can maybe set TopMost = true; Or make a customization on the UIRpt.PrintTags form with handling in form load (if sender = your desired sender then TopMost = true)

This will not behave as a modal, the user can still click the other forms, but it will always be on top. The only way to get it to be modal is to call it that way.

Yes. TopMost look better than nothing.

Seems like I don’t have the choice to do it as you said.

Thank you.