Printer application error error

I installed a new printer onto my PC. It is a shared printer from another PC on the network.
When I try to print a the Time Phased Mtl. Requirement report this application error pops up.
Settings to access printer ‘\ws47\Zebra ZP 450-200 dpi’ are not valid.
I then tried to print a PO and it works fine.
Any suggestions?
printer zebra

No answer, just curious…

  • if you click the “Detail” button on the error form, any more clues?
  • or can you try previewing instead of printing, sometimes gives more info on errors.


Print preview works because it becomes a pdf and then prints from adobe.

I decided to remove the printer from the PC, I reinstalled it and it seems to be working fine for now.

If it happens again I will grab the details and reopen subject